Palmer Family Medicine

Location: Palmer, Alaska
Year Completed: 2016
Total sf: 3,800sf
Project Type: Medical Office Building

An efficient 3,800sf professional office building serves an expanding family medical practice in downtown Palmer. Set back on an efficient site, the mixed flat and clerestory shed roof forms ensure all areas of the practice are well-lit throughout the year. The form blends contextual stucco and lap siding exterior materials with commercial grade aluminum storefront. A deep overhang above the entry both shields the South glazing from overheating and protects patients from slippery walks. Inside the central Nurses Station features a large clerestory glazing. The building has a full complement of exam rooms, offices, staff break room and ancillary spaces.

Seldon Flats Concept Studies

This capital acquisition proposal illustrates an incredibly energy efficient administrative office for a wetland banking non-profit located near Wasilla.  While much of our work is computer generated, some projects still in their infancy are best described by sketch.  

The plan and section maximize solar gain in the winter allowing for thermal storage in an underfloor water reservoir.  The summer months have mitigated solar gains, as it is still easy to over heat a small building at Wasilla's latitude. 

Spenard Builder's Supply Palmer

Work done for Spenard Builder’s Supply has consisted of an addition and renovation to their Palmer facility, a warm storage facility and a new millwork facility in Wasilla. The Palmer renovation incorporated a new steel canopy structure. The 6,500 sf Warm Storage is a 2 bay pre-engineered metal building.  The project was constructed as a fast track design/build project and was completed on time and within budget.

First National Bank of Alaska Addition

Location: Palmer, Alaska
Year Completed: 2010
Total sf: 550 sf New Construction
Contractor: F-E Contracting

The First National Bank of Alaska’s Palmer Branch required an extensive renovation of all interior public spaces, casework, and an expansion of their lending department and offices. The addition of only 550 s.f. of new office space presented challenges when a match for the 1989 brick was not available. A colorful new pallet of metal and composite wood panels was utilized to update the exterior of the bank while merging new and old. The project was competitively bid and was awarded and constructed within the Owners budget. Three dimensional construction documents were employed to clearly communicate to both client and contractor the complexities of the casework demolition, salvage, and extent of new work. The project was completed while the bank remained in operation. Wolf Architecture worked closely with the client and Contractor to effectively manage construction and costs resulting in a dramatically modernized facility.

Alaska Family Resource Center

Location: Palmer, AK
Year Completed: 2003-2005
Total sf: 4800sf
Contractor: Howdie Inc

This 4,800sf facility provides temporary shelter and counseling services for local families. The facility includes eight living units and shared kitchen, recreation, and laundry facilities. The facility is wood framed with pre-engineered wood trusses and cementious lap siding. Adjacent to the temporary shelter and counseling service facility are the administrative offices built in 2005.

Scenic View Commercial Building

Year Completed: 2003
Square Footage: 8,369sf Total – 6,266sf Upper, 2,103sf Lower
Project Type: Rebuild, Business Offices – Design-build
Construction Type: Wood frame, EIFS siding
Location: Palmer, Alaska
Contractor: Stepper’s Construction

The design of the 8,300sf structure re-uses the existing foundation and makes use of bold materials and aggressive forms to create a corner anchor for a city block. Colors and materials are reminiscent of and are in context with the surrounding residential neighborhood. The building’s program includes multiple lease areas for open and private Offices, a Conference Room, common Restrooms, Exercise and Treatment rooms.

Wells Fargo Bank

Year Completed: 2012
Project Type: Commercial
Construction Type: Wood frame, metal cladding
Location: Palmer, Alaska

Modernizing, energy retrofit and exterior cladding of a 6,700sf branch bank building in downtown Palmer included redesign of the main entry canopy, new windows, cladding and signage. Wolf Architecture designed an attractive update that lowers maintenance costs and increases energy efficiency while creating a more contemporary look for the facility. The redesign included upgrades to the drive up canopy and ATM lighting.

Turkey Red Restaurant

Year Completed: 2008
Total sf: 15,000sf Renovation, 5,000sf Addition
Team: Richard Stryken, Wolf Architecture, Steve Norton Enterprises LLC

 The Simms Building is an adaptive reuse project which repurposed a state of Alaska office building into a new commercial business center in downtown Palmer. The scope of the project included adding a second level onto the single level building, upgrading the exterior envelope, including window, door, and siding replacement, replacing the mechanical systems, and completely renovating the interior of the building. The facility now offers a variety of retail and restaurant spaces on the ground level and professional office space on the second level.

Cobb Street Professional Building

Year Completed: 2014
Total sf: 9,500sf
Team: Wolf Architecture, PND Engineering, EIC, SAI, FE Contracting

Cobb street professional building provides office space for professionals such as architects, engineers, optometrists, and medical practitioners. It was designed using concrete block which acts as a protective barrier for the first floor optometry suite and their patient’s sensitive eyes while also providing a solid base for the offices above. In addition to the split face block, the facade is comprised of an innovative powder coated aluminum panel rain screen to the west and an Exterior Insulation and Finish System to the east. Framed views of the iconic water and the Chugach Mountains dominate the offices to the south.