Swanson House

Year Completed: 2012
Square Footage: 7,682sf
Project Type: HUD Apartments
Construction Type: Wood frame, Radiant floor
Location: Wasilla, Alaska
Client: Valley Residential Services
Contractor: F+E Contractors, Inc.

The Swanson House is a modern style, energy efficient assisted housing facility. The 4,675sf building provides transitional housing for up to 10 families and is Phase II of a larger Planned Unit Development of 113,540sf and 7.5 acres. The structure exceeds the State of Alaska Building Energy Efficiency Standards (BEES) for thermal resistance, infiltration, moisture protection and ventilation. The building has passive through-the-wall vents in combination with the toilet exhaust to prevent sick building syndrome and to minimize moisture problems. Fixtures are equipped with flow control devices and set to limit the hot water use. Refrigerators, programmable thermostats, boilers, windows, ventilation fans, light fixtures, roofing products and exit signage all carry the Energy Star label. Overall, the building achieves a “Five Star Plus” rating under the AHFC Energy program and realizes a 15% energy savings over a standard code building.

Deneki HUD

Year Completed: 2009
Square Footage: 7,682sf
Project Type: HUD Apartments
Construction Type: Wood frame, Gypcrete radiant floor
Client: Valley Residential Services
Contractor: Butch Ehman, F+E Construction

The Deneki house consists of two 15 unit apartment buildings developed and staffed by Valley Residential Services, which provide housing for individuals and families with mental and physical disabilities. The facilities were constructed with modest grant funded budgets and maintain a low profile residential quality consistent with the surrounding residential neighborhood. The apartments utilize durable low maintenance materials, contain apartments ranging from 500 sf efficiencies to 1,100 sf two bedroom units and provide a safe, quiet, comfortable home for the residents. The facilities have been designed to have low operations costs and have energy efficiencies exceeding the Alaska BEES standards. The projects were delivered on time and within the Owners budgetary parameters.

Private Residence

Location: Palmer, AK
Year Completed: 2011
Total sf: 1,400sf
Design/Build Team: Wolf Architecture, Pipit Carpentry

This residence began as a garage in 1994 and was renovated in 2011 as a 1,400sf residence. Built by Pipit Carpentry, the attention to detail is excellent. Finish materials include vertical grain fir, slate, concrete, and raw steel.  Framed views allow the user to connect with the surrounding birch grove while sill maintaining a sense of refuge.