Deneki HUD

Year Completed: 2009
Square Footage: 7,682sf
Project Type: HUD Apartments
Construction Type: Wood frame, Gypcrete radiant floor
Client: Valley Residential Services
Contractor: Butch Ehman, F+E Construction

The Deneki house consists of two 15 unit apartment buildings developed and staffed by Valley Residential Services, which provide housing for individuals and families with mental and physical disabilities. The facilities were constructed with modest grant funded budgets and maintain a low profile residential quality consistent with the surrounding residential neighborhood. The apartments utilize durable low maintenance materials, contain apartments ranging from 500 sf efficiencies to 1,100 sf two bedroom units and provide a safe, quiet, comfortable home for the residents. The facilities have been designed to have low operations costs and have energy efficiencies exceeding the Alaska BEES standards. The projects were delivered on time and within the Owners budgetary parameters.