Building Information Modeling (BIM)

So, what is BIM? It stands for Building Information Modeling.  It’s not just software; BIM is also a process.  The leap from AutoCAD to BIM is about as great as it was from hand drawing to AutoCAD.  It’s a major advancement in design and construction technology.  As Charles Eastman puts it in Building Product Models: Computer Environments Supporting Design and Construction (CRC Press, 1999), “BIM is a digital representation of the building process to facilitate exchange and interoperability of information in digital format.” 

For a contractor, BIM is the virtual construction of a facility or structure that contains intelligent objects in a single source file that, when shared among project team members, intends to increase the amount of communication and collaboration. The words communication and collaboration have become common in discussions about BIM today, not only among architects, engineers, and contractors but also with owners, facility managers, and sustainable design professionals (Interoperability in the Construction Industry, McGraw Hill Construction, 2007).

Wolf Architecture is always developing and expanding its BIM services, keeping up with the latest technology so it can be applied to your project.