CNC Routing

Most people have heard of 3d Printing by now.  CNC routing is a similar technology, however it removes material instead of adding it.  3D printing is basically just 2D printing . . . . over and over and over again until it’s layered into the third dimension.  However, CNC routers carve away at a block of material to reveal a final shape similar to a sculptor.  
Given the latest technology, we find the applications for CNC routing are greater compared to 3D printing.  This is because 3D printing is by and large limited to polymers which are weak and brittle in the final product.  A CNC router can carve a solid block of wood or durable plastic.  So a piece produced in this way can become a final product, not just a fragile porotype.  That said, we might have to pick up a 3D printer in a few years when they are capable of creating affordable ceramic pieces . . . or even food! Check out some of our CNC projects: Crime Scene Modeling, Parametic/ Algorithmic studies, and Topography modeling.